A Successful Day of KAI Creative Thinking

Today we held our public KAI workshop for Chinese speakers at the CBi China Bridge office.  These workshops have been immensely popular in the past, and we were very excited to host it again.

The KAI workshop teaches individuals to recognize their own style of creative thinking, and leverage that into finding innovative solutions and better their problem solving skills.  For more information on the KAI workshop, please click here.


New Workshops with CBi – KAI Creative Thinking and UX Design

CBi China Bridge is hosting two exciting workshops in the upcoming months…check them out!  

On March 9th, CBi China Bridge will host a public workshop for Chinese speakers on the KAI Method, which will help understand your preferred style of creative thinking.

At CBi China Bridge, we believe everyone is creative in their own way.   In a world that is increasingly competitive,  individuals in the same industry tend to think along a particular concrete path, following the same work processes and approaches to problem solving.  The ability to think creatively can set you apart and unlock innovative concepts and solutions.  The KAI (Kirton Adaptation Innovation) workshop uses research in the field of psychometric measurement to help participants identify their preferred creative style.  Understanding individual style can help create innovative solutions to problems and generate new ideas.  Registration closes on 27 Feb., for more information go to http://www.shcbi.com/en/news_detail.aspx?id=534.

Additionally, on April 11-13, CBi China Bridge will host a User Experience Design Workshop for user experience designers.  We are partnering with LUNAR, a design company with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Hong Kong, and Munich.  LUNAR is a leading creative force in user experience and product development.  This workshop will cover user interface, storyboards, defining use cases, developing clear user profiles, defining user needs and expectations, developing wireframes, and other topics.  We’re looking forward to having the UX Director from LUNAR as our trainer.  Registration closes on 15 March, and is limited to the first 25 people.  For more information or to register, please e-mail  sara.liu@shcbi.com.