Cathy Huang at China’s Most Successful Design Award 2011


On November 4th, 2011 the CEO of CBi China Bridge, Cathy Huang, was invited as VIP guest to China’s Most Successful Design Awards Ceremony 2011.  She was honored to give an opening speech, as well as greet guests and award winners. In her speech Ms. Huang talked about the growing prestige and authority of the award. She stressed that the award is “…the only design award that uses success factors as a key judging criteria”. She also mentioned the benefits of new designs and innovation and their positive impact on environment, industry and marketplace.

This year the award had 349 entries out of which 83 were selected as winner designs, including 15 top award winners. “Tonight’s prize winners are planting that seed of success by showcasing their extraordinary work in both business and design communities around the world” Cathy praised the winners

Approximately 400 plus people visited the ceremony. Long VIP list of the event consisted of government officials and influential people in the world of industrial design. The media coverage of the event was carried out by Forbes China, Shanghai Business Review, id-China, BillWang,  Design in China, China Design Network, Sina House and  Card+ Media.

At the end of the ceremony Ms. Huang concluded: “It was a huge success!”


Scan board

Scan board is a concept designed by Jo Jae-hwan and Shin Se-hwa. It is very compact and light comparing to the traditional scanners, as well as easy to use. The Scan board concept allows you to capture the image of a page and then transfer the scan to your computer via USB.

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Because of general poverty and high price for electricity, people in India can not afford having a washing machine, and instead they use the services of dhobi people (the washer men), who do the laundry manually as you can see on the picture above. That is a hard and time consuming work. Indra is a low-cost, low-tech washing machine which requires no electricity to operate. It has a pedal mechanism which starts the spinner when pushed. Nice design and low-price will make the work of dhobi people way much easier.

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Cathy Huang gives speech at IDSA international conference in New Orleans

Cathy Huang, President of CBi China Bridge, delivered a speech on “China’s community past, current and future” at the 2011 IDSA conference in New Orleans today. As China shifts from command to market-based economy, the Chinese are evolving a new sense of community. For hundreds of years Chinese people have held family and extended family as a prime value. How those values affect and shape the current market? Does the one child policy somehow shape the gaming and social networking?  How do the modern family values affect banking and lending? In her speech, Cathy shared some of the insights gained from the nine years research, shed light on both the current consumer as well as the developing market shifts.

IDSAIndustrial Designers Society of America, is the world’s largest and oldest, member-driven society for industrial and product design, interaction design, human factors, ergonomics, design research, design management, universal design and related design fields.