The Fearless Teams of the Hidden Treasures Service Jam

Here’s a look at the final projects our brave collaborators produced during the 2012 Global Service Design Jam:

Team Artisano:

Called one of the most interesting service design ideas, Team Artisano’s concept was a mobile/online directory of local Shanghai artisans.  This directory will connect interested stake holders with local crafters, preserving and magnifying the artistic community.

Team Cookie Pirates: 

The fearless Cookie Pirates created a baking cooperative centered around providing part-time employment for hobbyists, housewives, and other baking aficianados.  Cookie Pirates connects with these bakers, and provides a space for production and sale of their combined baked goods.  Profits are split among the bakers.

The Cookie Pirates make their presentation at Kaiba Tap Bar.

Team Dream Makers:

For their project, Team Dream Makers created a platform gaming system called Dream Game.  Realizing the need for individuals to understand themselves introspectively, Dream Game is a personal coaching model and networking device.  Players, called “dreamers,” evaluate their dreams and personal aspirations through a series of questionnaires and challenges.  As they advance to higher levels, they are connected with other “dreamers” who share their passions.

Team Tufang: 

Team Tufang uncovers hidden treasure (tufang) all over China using an innovative web platform to connect unique cultural sites, talents, and offerings with interested users.  Traditional craftsmanship is usually found in rural areas – but Tufang organizes trips for people in creative fields to visit and learn these techniques.

Team Knot: 

Team Knot created a unique service called GivenGet.  Described as “Everyone is a client and provider,” GivenGet connects hobbyists, freelancers, and other multi-talented people to individuals in need of a service.  This system enables service providers to overcome social barriers or other roadblocks to reach customers in need of their talent.


Join us at the 2012 Service Design Jam Shanghai Party!

Come join CBi China Bridge and celebrate the biggest design thinking event of the year – the Service Design Jam Shanghai Party! CBi is hosting a 48 hour service design event where teams will develop new brands and services inspired by a shared theme.  the results will be unleashed to the world on 3 pm on Sunday 26 February, at the Kaibai Tap House on Taikang Terrace.

For more information about the Jam, please visit:

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Cathy Huang at China’s Most Successful Design Award 2011


On November 4th, 2011 the CEO of CBi China Bridge, Cathy Huang, was invited as VIP guest to China’s Most Successful Design Awards Ceremony 2011.  She was honored to give an opening speech, as well as greet guests and award winners. In her speech Ms. Huang talked about the growing prestige and authority of the award. She stressed that the award is “…the only design award that uses success factors as a key judging criteria”. She also mentioned the benefits of new designs and innovation and their positive impact on environment, industry and marketplace.

This year the award had 349 entries out of which 83 were selected as winner designs, including 15 top award winners. “Tonight’s prize winners are planting that seed of success by showcasing their extraordinary work in both business and design communities around the world” Cathy praised the winners

Approximately 400 plus people visited the ceremony. Long VIP list of the event consisted of government officials and influential people in the world of industrial design. The media coverage of the event was carried out by Forbes China, Shanghai Business Review, id-China, BillWang,  Design in China, China Design Network, Sina House and  Card+ Media.

At the end of the ceremony Ms. Huang concluded: “It was a huge success!”

Fridge managing your food

Futuristic refrigeration design by the University of Applied Sciences  in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany based on the idea that future product tags will be printable. The fridge will be able to display all the products it has inside on the touch screen monitor, including nutrition and expiration date information, it will have a built in smart cookbook and other possibilities. Just watch the video below.

The grip-shaped mouse

Adapta is a James Dyson Award entry design of an ergonomically designed mouse based on the feedback of orthopedic doctors. The shape of the mouse is designed in a way to ease the pressure in wrist and forearm, when using the mouse for a long time. Such design decreases the fatigue of your arm keeping your forearm in a relaxed position.

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The Innovator’s Cookbook

Steven Johnson releases his new book “The Innovator’s Cookbook”, which is a selection of essays on innovations in various fields. This book will be very interesting to everyone interested in innovations. The book also includes interviews with some of the world’s famous innovators.

Steven Johnson, an acknowledged bestselling leader on the subject of innovation.