Scan board

Scan board is a concept designed by Jo Jae-hwan and Shin Se-hwa. It is very compact and light comparing to the traditional scanners, as well as easy to use. The Scan board concept allows you to capture the image of a page and then transfer the scan to your computer via USB.

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The grip-shaped mouse

Adapta is a James Dyson Award entry design of an ergonomically designed mouse based on the feedback of orthopedic doctors. The shape of the mouse is designed in a way to ease the pressure in wrist and forearm, when using the mouse for a long time. Such design decreases the fatigue of your arm keeping your forearm in a relaxed position.

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Because of general poverty and high price for electricity, people in India can not afford having a washing machine, and instead they use the services of dhobi people (the washer men), who do the laundry manually as you can see on the picture above. That is a hard and time consuming work. Indra is a low-cost, low-tech washing machine which requires no electricity to operate. It has a pedal mechanism which starts the spinner when pushed. Nice design and low-price will make the work of dhobi people way much easier.

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