Successes Versus Pitfalls in Innovation Training

Last Monday, 9 April, CBi founder and president Cathy Huang led a workshop at The American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, the largest and fastest growing chapter in Asia Pacific.  Cathy’s talk was on successes and failures in innovation training, especially in large companies that are recognizing the increasingly strong relationship between innovation and competitive edge.

The talk touched on 10 key successes and pitfalls in companies attempting to implement innovation training.  Most successful innovation training is fostered in an environment that encourages trust, involvement, and multi-layered decision making; aka task ownership.  Companies should also embrace opportunities, and be accepting of failure and risk.

After Cathy’s talk, participants split up in groups for discussions centered around three questions:

  • How can you develop a customized approach to innovation training?
  • How do you create an environment of trust and collaboration?
  • How can you encourage the freedom of ideas and turn them into concrete solutions?

The discussions were lively, and after each group presented their conclusions with the group for further debate.  We had some participants from Deloitte, and they were able to share their company’s strategy for culturing innovation.  Some discussions were centered around differences between company’s innovation strategies, and comparing and contrasting Western and Chinese management policies.

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Cathy Huang at China’s Most Successful Design Award 2011


On November 4th, 2011 the CEO of CBi China Bridge, Cathy Huang, was invited as VIP guest to China’s Most Successful Design Awards Ceremony 2011.  She was honored to give an opening speech, as well as greet guests and award winners. In her speech Ms. Huang talked about the growing prestige and authority of the award. She stressed that the award is “…the only design award that uses success factors as a key judging criteria”. She also mentioned the benefits of new designs and innovation and their positive impact on environment, industry and marketplace.

This year the award had 349 entries out of which 83 were selected as winner designs, including 15 top award winners. “Tonight’s prize winners are planting that seed of success by showcasing their extraordinary work in both business and design communities around the world” Cathy praised the winners

Approximately 400 plus people visited the ceremony. Long VIP list of the event consisted of government officials and influential people in the world of industrial design. The media coverage of the event was carried out by Forbes China, Shanghai Business Review, id-China, BillWang,  Design in China, China Design Network, Sina House and  Card+ Media.

At the end of the ceremony Ms. Huang concluded: “It was a huge success!”