CBi Founder Cathy Huang Receives “Female Hero” Award

Last week, CBi China Bridge founder Cathy Huang was awarded the “Female Hero” award by the Shanghai City Government for her contributions to the creative industry in Shanghai.  Cathy founded CBi China Bridge after working at GE/Fitch China and Haier Design Centre in various marketing and product management roles.  She’s been featured in numerous publications for her views on design, and has judged numerous design awards.  Cathy has published two books: “Mobile Inspiration” and “Managing Design for Business Success: Readings & Case Studies on Design Management”.  Congratulations, Cathy!


Reflections from a Product Design Intern

In the article ‘ From “Made in China” to “Designed in China” ‘ Manon Dupouy a product design intern at CBi China Bridge, besides sharing her intern experience,  talks about China’s fast development and its revolution in the field of industrial design. “The country is undergoing a silent revolution in that field from education to business thinking.”

CBi China Bridge is a design management consultancy company based in Shanghai, China. The founder of the company Cathy Huang is an influential and recognized person in the world of industrial design.

A few industrial design awards were started in China in the past few years with a purpose to recognize and to promote local designs, one of the most respected awards is China’s Most Successful Design Awards.