LUNAR Design’s Shiz Kobara in Shanghai

On Sunday, LUNAR Design’s UX director Shiz Kobara arrived in Shanghai on business and to lead CBi China Bridge’s User Experience design workshop.  Shiz has worked for over 31 years, and has backgrounds in both industrial design and user experience design.

“Worldwide, there’s an explosion of UX, an expolsion of capability and talent,” Shiz said in a discussion this afternoon with CBi.  “From my early days of doing UX on computers, we didn’t know how far it could go.  The way that software is so capable now, there’s an explosion of freedom now on how to express UI on all kinds of products.”

Shiz also discussed how China will be eventually shifting from simply manufacturing the world’s products to creating and designing products and services.  The aim of the UX workshop for him is to help the next generation think critically about the problems they’re solving.

“If you do something wrong in UI today, it’s not hugely detrimental, but in the future if you make an error, it will be damaging to the user experience,” Shiz said.  “UI has to be more mission-critical and user-centered in the future.  The user has to have a clearer picture of what their doing, and have confidence in the user interface.  One little touch of a screen or a button has all kinds of cause and effect.”

In China, especially, user interface will become more important as global competition increases and consumers expect more out of their daily products, said Shiz.  With this viewpoint, many of Shiz’s inspirations for UX design come from everyday problems and frustrations people have with design, and the creativity they espouse in solving them.

“For me, frustration is the mother of innovation,” said Shiz.  “If someone doesn’t provide a solution, it’ll probably force you to come up with some idea to solve that.  That’s problem solving.  People don’t understand problems, but they do understand frustration.”

CBi China Bridge’s UX workshop will take place April 11-13, and cover user interface, storyboards, defining use cases, developing clear user profiles, defining user needs and expectations, developing wireframes, and other topics.

If you’re in Shanghai and interested in networking with Shiz and other UX designers, CBi will be hosting an after party for the UX workshop on 13 April, 7 pm – 9 pm at Kaiba Tap House.  Get more info or RSVP with Sara Liu at

Kaiba Tap House Address:

169 Jianguo Zhong Lu

Huangpu, Shanghai


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