Happy Easter and Qingming from CBi China Bridge

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and Happy Qingming from CBi China Bridge!  As Westerners, when we think Easter, we think eating chocolate.  Around the world many major confectionary companies are gearing up for this holiday, which is one of their most biggest weekends in the year.

However, here in China, chocolate consumption accounts for only 0.5% of the international market for chocolate.  As Western lifestyles become more accepted and incomes rise, international chocolate makers have set their sights on China as a major market.  A great article on chocolate consumption by Forbes can be found here.

Dove Chocolate packaging in China

Also around Easter time is the Qingming Festival.  Here in Shanghai, Qingming, or Tomb-Sweeping Day, is a time for Chinese to visit family and go pay respects to their ancestors.  Families will sweep the tombs, and offer gifts such as food, tea, incense, and wine.  This is also considered the beginning of springtime, and families are often seen on outings enjoying the beautiful weather.


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