Jammin’ With CBi China Bridge

This weekend, 36 design gurus from a wide spectrum of backgrounds met at CBi China Bridge’s offices for a 48 service design marathon known as the 2012 Global Service Design Jam.

Designers converged on CBi’s offices Friday afternoon, where we kicked off the weekend with informal presentations and team building exercises.  Then at 6:30 pm, the mystery theme of the jam was revealed – Hidden Treasure.  After brainstorming sessions and idea pitches, five teams were formed and our designers were ready to get down to some seriously fun creativity.

The Global Service Jam is an annual event hosted simultaneously at locations around the world, aimed at bringing together design and service professionals and anyone else with a keen interest in service design. Participants are given just two days to bring into being a completely new service design proposal, which will then be shared online under a creative commons license.  This year, 2,061 registered jammers from almost 40 countries participated in the event, creating nearly 350 brand new service designs.

Our five teams for this session were “Knot”, “Artisano”, “Dream Makers”, “Tufang”, and “The Cookie Pirates.”  We had 11 different nationalities participating in the jam – appropriately reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of Shanghai, where CBi is headquartered.    On Sunday after a long marathon of design, we gathered at Belgian beer bar Kaiba to unveil final designs.

This weekend was an amazing experience for all involved – jammers formed intense bonds, and said it was inspirational working with new people in a free flowing creative environment.  Cathy Huang, founder of CBi, said:

“This weekend has been more successful than we could have imagined, not least due to the openness and the enthusiasm of those who took part, plus all the people who offered their time and expertise to support this event. By far the most rewarding thing has been seeing the jammers, most of whom had never met before, bond so quickly and work so hard together to brainstorm ideas and then follow them through to a final deliverable design. It’s been an honor hosting the event, and we are all looking forward to next year’s jam.”

You can view the teams and results of the Global Service Design Jam here. 


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