12 crucial consumer trends for 2012

In less than a month we are going to enter a new year. Besides thinking of Apocalypse predicted by Maya calendar, everybody must be questioning oneself what  the coming year will bring us and what should we expect of it. The Trendwatching.com made a list of 12 major trends of year 2012.

One of the trends that specifically caught our attention is that many international brands will focus on the low income urban population (or Bottom Of the Urban Pyramid), by rolling out more affordable low cost products.

CBi already highlights the business value and opportunity in developing products and services targeted to the consumers at the base of the pyramid. We offer innovation workshops toteach how design thinking can be utilized to help shape the future of social entrepreneurship. Equipped with CBi’s strategic design process, you will be able to apply design and creative thinking to a real-life product or service project. Read more about our workshop on Base of the Pyramid or contact Lotta Ygartua on +86 (0)21 5059 6066 or lotta.ygartua@shcbi.com for more information. Other innovation workshops we run include Shaping the Future of Sustainable Design.

Follow this link http://trendwatching.com/briefing/ to read about each of 12 trends in more details, and prepare yourself for the new vibes in the market.


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