Innovation Workshop: book now to participate in our series on social entrepreneurship!

If you weren’t already aware, China Bridge will periodically host workshops and lectures to inform, elevate, and progress designers and busineses in the design industry. We are pleased to announce our upcoming worshop series titled: Fostering a Better Future.

we will be focusing on social entrepreneurship and the Base of the Pryamid innovation in China.

This three day workshop is the first event in a series of Innovation workshops in China that will focus on Social Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Sustainability and how Design Thinking can be utilized to help shape the future. Equipped with CBi China Bridge’s strategic design process, participants will apply design and creative thinking to a real-life product or service project in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Workshop goals:
• To develop awareness at the executive level in China about the business value of developing products and services targeted to the poorest consumers.
• Highlight design’s role in developing social enterprise in China.
• To equip participants with effective skills to initiate Design-driven social enterprise projects.
• To build a sense of community among people involved in social enterprise in China.

We hope you want to join too!

Dates: 9th, 10th, 11th August, 2011
Location: Shanghai, China

For more information and booking details visit:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The date for the Innovation Workshop has been postponed. For more information contact


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