CBi Workshop recap with leading designers

China’s most prestigious and well known designers were invited to join a workshop at CBi’s office on 21 June. The workshop was held by chemical company DuPont and Cathy Huang, founder of CBi,  was one of the designers chosen to create a piece of artwork using DuPont’s material Corian.

The designers have free hands to create something using the solid surface material. The final work will be showcased at 100% Design this autumn (3-5 November) and in the DuPont design center from November this year until April 2012.

The group of invited designers include:
• Hou Zhengguang (侯正光)
• Lv Yongzhong (吕永中)
• Yang Mingjie (杨明洁)
• Shen He (沈禾)
• Yi Weisheng(易瑋勝)
• Li Weilang (李尉郎)
• Wu Dongtai (吳東治)
• Balance Wu (吳協衡)
• Xu Jingting (徐景亭)
• Cathy Huang (黄蔚)
In the workshop the designers were introduced to the material and learnt in what ways it can be applied. Areas where Corian is used are: Furniture and lighting, kitchen and bathroom products, home accessories, consumer products, public facilities, architecture and interior design.
On display during the workshop was British designer Michael Young’s designed motor bike made of Corian that was unveiled at DuPont’s design center last November.
We look forward to seeing the outcome and for the designers sharing their creative ideas and experiences at the exhibitions this autumn.

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