Shanghai Creative News and Events

A few things to check out when you are trying to forget this weekend’s heat!

1. Graffiti Wall next to the M50 creative garden- The wall that has attracted a substantial amount of tourism to the area is due to be demolished before the end of the year! The wall exists in a prime location for tourism, and will be demolished and redeveloped for commercial purposes. This wall and the 696 Weihai Lu complex are some of the last examples of street art in the city, so go out and take some pictures before they are gone!

2.Be sure to check out stage候台BACK’s new premises on Moganshan Lu for new exhibition, Lost & Found. The show will feature the work of six international artists: Chris Gill, Kathryn Gohmert, Xepo. WS, Laurent Friquet, Maleonn and Tang Xiaowen. The group will explore the issues of dislocation, re-discovery, the transient life and re-invention of objects and ideas, concepts that bring the viewer and artwork into close collaboration within the space.

3. Shanghaiart Taopu-  the warehouse style art museum recently opened an exhibition displaying artworks, documentary pictures, and a bunch of original tax copies!

4.or perhaps you want to learn a bit more about the emerging youth street fashion in Shanghai,

check out xiao guans article online and head to tianzifang to get your funky shopping fix this weekend.



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