>Cactus Rehab

>We love having plants around the office, it brings the outdoors inside and offers a refreshing decor to the office environment. Our current plant of choice is the cactus. The cactus is a fabulous plant, it grows in funny shapes, thrives on little water and is about as low maintenance a plant as you can find.  However, CBi has really given the cactus more credit than it deserves for its ability to survive on its own.  In fact, nearly all of our cacti are on the brink of death.  The guilt really became too much to take this week, and Francisco, our Design Strategy Manager, finally took a stand. He has established CBi’s first ever cactus adoption agency, asking our team to adopt and name a cactus to save and take care of. Our team is very international, therefore so are the names of our cacti. Bellagio, Paco, Lance Armstrong, and Kev-on are the newest additions to our cactus rehab, and hopefully with a little tender lovin care they will be in top health in no time!

Yama’s cactus, Bellagio, is Italian. His secret to good health? Lots of Esspresso.

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