>What Cathy Has Been Up To….


Recently, Cathy Huang, President of China Bridge spoke at the “Executive Leadership, Team Building and Efficiency Improvement” Workshop led by Professor Xiao Zhixing from CEIBS and Ms. Xu Shuying, President of the Academy of Management.  This particular workshop was aimed at offering a platform for mutual learning and idea exchange. It was also part of a research project with a focus on continuous growth and creativity improvement for contemporary enterprises.  Cathy contributed her ideas by presenting a speech on how to build a high level management team to facilitate the growth of a company, while also sharing her experience of cultivating an efficient management team.

Cathy also shared her insight on service design with Forbes China. What is service design? While it is a new industry in Asia, service design is designing products that are strictly meant to be service oriented. Cathy explained, “The special feature of service design is it’s intangible; it is similar to industrial design, but from a different perspective. The point is, where is the opportunity from a service standpoint?”. While it is an undeveloped industry in Asia, Cathy believes Shanghai will be the focus of the industry in the next five years!


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