We are China’s leading insight-based innovation strategy firm.

For more than a decade now, we have been honoured to support some of the most creative and innovative people reach their targets in China. We have been working with leading companies from around the world to gain Actionable Insights around cultural, habits, market trends and consumers unmet needs.

Our multi-deciplinary innovation teams have created solutions and strategies that empower our customers to improve and optimise their existing experiences. To develop new products/services/portfolios that are designed for the needs and desires of Chinese consumers. Unlocking growth, that is often overlooked when insights are not viewed through the right lenses.

Our culture is built around excellent people, who are collaborative and dedicated to connecting you to your target customer.  We gain energy by solving problems and creating innovative experiences that deliver the measurable results, meaningful impact and growth.

If you need support in China for China, we would love to hear from you. As we are behind China’s firewall, please feel feel to contact directly or learn more about us by visiting our website.

Email: info@shcbi.com

Website: cbichinabridge.com





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